Item collection 8ab73ffd b3ce 4dd5 b5cf 2f1a461ce040

Red and Gold Memory Wire Bracelet


Item collection e74e34bd c9d1 49cb 8ff6 6f0c2f9d6ef6

Blue Dangle Earrings, Royal Blue Sapphire Brass Swarovski Acrylic Beaded Victorian Earrings,


Item collection dc232189 294d 4012 818f 360ca886cdfd

Sapphire Blue Acrylic and Gold Beaded Bracelet


Item collection fe0f5468 501f 48a5 b5bd 9118a7dd25bc

Turquoise and Gold Beaded Dangle Earrings


Item collection da9ec49a 779e 410a b32a 106678391170

Natural Mother of Pearl Dangle Earrings, Beige Glass Pearl Beaded Earrings


Item collection aecf0327 dcc6 458d 814e 5ac02d370fff

Bronze Crystal Bead Dangle Earrings


Item collection 190b2c29 8d39 4f8e b80a bc8f12d6246d

Purple Jade Gemstone Earrings, Rustic Chunky Bead Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.410174701 5c4i

Ivory and Copper Earrings, Lampwork Beaded Dangle Earrings


Item collection 15bfeef5 4435 48fa a97e 082616d93c61

Blue Beaded Glass Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Handmade Beaded Jewelry


Item collection 5168039 original

Black Wire Necklace, Handmade Abstract Wire Pendant Necklace, OOAK Pendant


Item collection il fullxfull.605666544 swer

Beaded Hair Pins, Plum Stones Gold Pewter Casual Work Rustic Bridal


Item collection il fullxfull.598920767 l8p4

Red Bobby Pins, Hair Accessory, Handmade Beaded Red Stone Casual Everyday Wear Bridal Hair Accessory, Beaded Bobby Pins


Item collection il fullxfull.599424991 5akg

Aqua Pearl Beaded Bobby Pins, Hair Accessory, Everyday Wear Bridal Bridesmaid Casual Bobby Pins, Handmade


Item collection il fullxfull.599328886 c0qp

Pink Beaded Bobby Pins, Handmade Gemstone Everyday Wear Casual Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Hair Accessories, Handmade


Item collection 70413b56 d80b 41e1 81f5 98c1afb03de4

Crystal Beaded Bobby Pins, Hair Accessory, Beaded Swarovski Grey Yellow Clear Silver Bobby Pins, Everyday Wear Bridal Bridesmaids, Handmade


Item collection il fullxfull.599765166 g58l

Pale Pink Beaded Hair Pins, Pink Silver Casual Everyday Ware Bridal Wedding Hair Pins, Hair Accessory, Handmade


Item collection il fullxfull.596120685 3dk5

Jade Sea Green & Gold Casual Earrings, Beaded Earrings, Natural Gemstone Earrings, For Women, Handmade


Item collection 9c0d2bb0 501e 4cfb 8f59 9d0e3ae3d7ac

Black & Silver Gemstone Beaded Earrings


Item collection 18274229 17a5 4875 9733 7fb3b60f4cfe

Gemstone Jewelry Beaded Earrings,Magnesite & Crystals Rustic Boho Earrings,Brown Copper Gold Brass Earrings,Beaded Jewelry,Handmade


Item collection 0396246b f373 49eb b555 dbc818ef02cf

Jade Turquoise Blue Earrings, Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Beaded Gemstone Jewelry Earrings, Handmade


Item collection il fullxfull.582302661 benv

Geometric Wood & Button Necklace, Beaded Jewelry, Minimalist Necklace, Pastel Colors, Jewelry for Women, Handmade Necklace


Item collection 5db385fb 3c20 470b bac3 e70dd0f2392c

Colorful Button and Wood Bead Necklace, For Women, Handmade, Eco Friendly


Item collection 88ad092d 6c59 41a2 9707 a4ba98aaff41

Gemstone Jewelry Beaded Earrings, Green Aventurine Silver Casual Boho Rustic Earrings, Beaded Jewelry, For Women, Handmade


Item collection ee36b511 4179 474f ada3 2d687621ab82

Russian Serpentine Gemstone Earrings, Gemstone Jewelry, Green Earrings, For Women, Handmade


Item collection e1301488 3fd3 4ca2 a0d7 13446cff1c9c

Jade Tribal Necklace, Gemstone Jewelry, Coral and Wood, Handmade


Item collection il fullxfull.598124717 broi

Pearl Beaded Hair Pins, Peach & White Pearls Casual Bridal Bobby Pins, Beaded Hair Accessory, Set of 3, Handmade


Item collection 86a39ab4 ded7 4d23 b499 49d9994c3297

Ceramic Crystal Dangle Earrings in Copper and Brown


Item collection f0ff87c5 43f8 4f39 bdf2 c6cc25d652b7

Black and Gold Earrings, Polymer Clay Jewelry, Dangle Handmade Earrings, Beaded Jewelry


Item collection 5168058 original

Black and Gold Simple Modern Necklace, Polymer Clay Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Beaded Jewelry


Item collection 81f886c8 b232 409a 9fb2 419e451c147b

Aqua Beaded Dangle Earrings, Polymer Clay


Item collection 11fb785f 5ce3 4463 9e9e 083fdd12dc7d

Aqua Handmade Polymer Clay Bead Pendant Necklace


Item collection 5168440 original

Purple Crystal Beaded Dangle Earrings, Handmade Jewelry


Item collection 5608912 original

Coral Lampwork Bead and Wood Necklace


Item collection 1ce4dc82 3a79 4ec9 886b da753e258d00

Red Riverstone Gemstone Beaded Dangle Earrings, Red and Black Earrings, Gemstone Jewelry, For Women, Handmade


Item collection 8b587f94 1d4e 4c6d 9294 36dfe7819ed6

Ceramic Chunky Beaded Necklace, Blue and White


Item collection 6680716 original

Modern Minimalist Polymer Clay Necklace


Item collection 40f4a0e3 0c39 42c5 822c 613a0866ab9f

Geometric Polymer Clay Yellow Dangle Earrings


Item collection 921788a1 68ff 4143 9b80 7bd4640d186a

Marble Gemstone and Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings


Item collection 9cb8e1b7 bb8f 4a54 b858 51d09f81a581

Orange Dangle Earrings with Sunflower Charm, Orange and Silver Beaded Earrings


Item collection 3d9a66ee 2c64 402d 9321 f9f606b1d1f6

Rose Pink Gemstone Beaded Earrings, Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection 0953280a 5570 450f a538 3f655a041b88

Red Sponge Coral Beaded Necklace, Handmade Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection 6292a512 b815 443a 8948 28ce40544b6b

Jungle Jasper Gemstone Earrings, Black Crystal Beaded Dangle Earrings, Gemstone Jewelry, Handmade


Item collection 6795c568 aa98 41f5 a2d1 d3e1df7ef96e

Sodalite Gemstone Jewelry Earrings, Blue Beaded Earrings, For Women, Handmade


Item collection 72ea19d6 b880 4036 813e eb17dde80f05

Sodalite Gemstone Necklace, Blue & White Beaded Necklace, Gemstone Jewelry, Handmade


Item collection 86ae6fbf 568b 4866 9dba d7b606f679a6

Mint Green Dangle Glass Earrings


Item collection 95652450 253d 4f58 b618 b463030ad0a9

Turquoise Geometric Clay Dangle Earrings


Item collection 5168318 original

Silver Wire Hoop Earrings


Item collection 9d899449 a038 4de2 bb85 16ef8f7eed59

Dangle Earrings Beaded Jewelry in Blue


Item collection 458a8cd4 e7f5 402e 9dd5 94d704b72e18

Topaz Crystal and Shell Beaded Dangle Earrings, Beaded Jewelry, For Women, Handmade


Item collection 5592719 original

Jade Gemstone Earrings, Sea Green Earrings, Gemstone Jewelry, Handmade


Item collection fee68f05 6d9b 4b3e 8cf3 84507727fe57

Upscaled Recycled Bead Necklace, Handmade Necklace


Item collection 4d6272ce a6e4 4366 8a39 93e7d1ec0bcc

Aqua Pearl and Glass Petite Dangle Earrings


Item collection 5f35a204 f8df 425f 803b dff053f74b0e

Dangle Earrings in Mint Green


Item collection da6de3da a0c4 4518 9f51 16b71a738eb0

Amber Shell and Glass Dangle Earrings, Beaded Jewelry for Women


Item collection d2a77b43 aa00 45a7 95cb 5d56d25e6cab

Shell and Glass Beaded Necklace


Item collection 5758175 original

Sapphire Blue Stone and Yellow Dangle Earrings, Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection d6aab460 bcb0 4893 b043 5cdb0bab0ddd

Riverstone and Copper Dangle Earrings, Warm Butterscotch


Item collection 6475885 original

Lemon Yellow Polymer Clay Dangle Earrings, Bright Beaded Earrings, Polymer Clay Jewelry, For Women, Handmade, Beaded Jewelry


Item collection a9253c83 f389 4f8c b26b 759164c08f59

Colorful Polymer Clay Beaded Minimalist Necklace


Item collection f7e50f4b 103a 4481 82e0 6223ace664e7

Dangle Clay Earrings with Retro 1960's Pattern


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