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Flower Handmade Clay Ring Dish, Olive Green, Jewelry Tea Bag or Spoon Rest


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Handmade Clay Ring Dish, Blue and Purple, Spoon Rest, Tea Bag Tray


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Ring Dish, Polymer Clay, Black and Yellow Gold, Tea Bag Tray, Spoon Rest


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Ring Dish, Handmade Polymer Clay Spoon Rest or Tea Bag Tray


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Ring Dish, Coral Green and White, Tea Bag Tray, Trinket Bowl, Polymer Clay


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Ring Dish, Spoon Rest, Tea Bag Tray, Handmade Polymer Clay


Handmade Jewelry and Accessories

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I offer a large variety to choose from.. Gemstone, Crystal, Glass, and my new line of Polymer Clay bead and pendant jewelry..
My focus is on earrings that bobble and necklaces, with other items scattered in..

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